History with Professional Education Concentration

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Program Overview

The social studies education major at ORU is offered in cooperation with the ORU College of Education. The College of Education emphasizes the fact that there is no substitute for thorough preparation in the subject matter. The HIS-PED major is exposed to a variety of subject fields allowing graduates to teach middle and secondary school classes in civics, democracy, economics, government, US history, world history, Oklahoma history and sociology.

Students seeking licensure to teach at the secondary levels have two options: completion of the social studies education major, which leads to standard certification or completion of any other major in the History, Humanities and Government Departments which can lead to alternative certification.

Courtney Buron

"The reason I am in my major is because I feel like I was called here, as well as called to teach. I have always had amazing Social Studies teachers, and that has a lot to do with my parents seeking out the best schools possible wherever we lived (we moved quite a bit). I was to be able to positively influence middle school and high school students and get them interested in history, geography, and the other areas of studies involved with fun activities and tying information to their lives today.

"I like that ORU incorporates not just the history of events, but ties as much of that as possible to a Christian worldview. The teachers are also really great and love getting to pour into the lives of their students with content knowledge as well as Godly wisdom."

Student: Courtney
Major: Social Studies Secondary Teaching
Hometown: Bristol, CT 

Degree Requirements

General Education: 51 hours

Major Courses: 45 hours

American History I

American History II
Oklahoma History
The Middle Ages and the Reformation, 476-1650
Modern Europe, 1815 - Present
Senior Paper
Cultural Geography
American Government and Politics
Western Political Theory
Principles of Economics I
Introduction to Psychology
International Relations
US History electives (9 hrs)
World History electives (6 hrs)

Non-American/Non-European History elective (3hrs)

Professional Education: 26 hours

Education Seminar (every semester)
Foundations and Methods of Education
School Health Care
Pedagogy I
Pedagogy II
Professional Education Seminar/Portfolio
Secondary Methods: Social Studies

Pre-clinical experience

Degree Total: 122 hours (Minimum)

Degree Plan

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Career Options

The National Center for Educational Statistics states that America's schools will need at least two million additional teachers in the next decade. You are needed now, more than ever. Be a part of ORU and touch the future as a transformed Christian educator.


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