Special Education

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The College of Education at ORU is committed to providing the opportunity for individuals responding to the call of God to become professional "transformed Christian educators." Offering a diverse but cohesive teacher education program that integrates three essential segments of teacher preparation, general education, specialized subject area education and professional education, students acquire comprehensive teaching preparation.

Additionally, all students who wish to major in education or obtain a standard teaching certificate must be admitted to the Professional Education Program. For those students majoring in education or seeking a standard teaching certificate, admission to the program is a prerequisite for approval to student teach. Education majors must be admitted before they have competed 75 hours toward their education degree.

The special education major acquaints students with the different exceptionalities served in schools. Students choosing this degree will focus on assessment procedures, placement, methods, materials and teaching strategies. This major develops students to understand the needs of students with disabilities and thereby meet those needs by developing appropriate education paths in conjunction with other professional services.

ORU Distinguishing Features

Unit Theme
Transformed Educators ". . . be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind . . ." Romans 12:2. The ORU College of Education's theme is "Transformed Educators." The College of Education's desire is to develop and train future educators as teachers, principals, superintendents and other professional school personnel who have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and who demonstrate the character and dispositions of Christian values, ethics and moral integrity. The College of Education also desires to develop students as transformed professional educators who know and demonstrate the content, pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to help all students learn and to be educational leaders.

Unit Vision

Transforming Society, The Miracle Ahead, A Transformed Generation "Ye have not chosen me ... I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain."- John 15:16. The ORU College of Education's vision is to train and develop professional school personnel who will go into every person's world, into public, private, Christian and home schools as transformed educators. As transformed educators they will make such an impact that they will be a catalyst for transforming society, which in turn will help transform the next generation.

Unit Mission

Preparing Professional Christian Educators to go into Every Person's World
The ORU College of Education is charged to provide the opportunity for individuals who hold Christian principles to participate in initial and advanced study in preparation for professional public and private responsibilities in the field of education throughout the world.


Become a teacher. Help transform lives.
The National Center for Educational Statistics states that America's schools will need at least two million additional teachers in the next decade. You are needed now, more than ever. The world is waiting for educators who have developed a Christian worldview and who will have an impact in education whether it is in public, private or Christian schools; preschool, elementary, secondary or postsecondary higher education. As an educator, you truly do touch the future. Come be a part of the ORU College of Education and touch the future as a transformed Christian educator.

Course offerings
  • Parents and Families of Students with Special Needs
  • Behavior Management Strategies
  • Effective Instruction for Students with Mild-Moderate Disabilities
  • Methods, Strategies, and Techniques for Teaching Students with Mild - Moderate Disabilities
  • Issues, Trends, and Curriculum Modification in Special Education
  • Reading and Language Arts
  • Children's Literature and the Library
  • Elementary Reading Methods with practicum
  • Literacy Assessment and Clinical Experience
  • Professional Education Courses

Degree Plan with Elementary Education


Linda G. Dunham, Ed.D.
Chair of the Undergraduate College of Education