Science Education

Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Overview

The science education major at ORU is offered in cooperation with the ORU College of Education. Students participate in both science and education courses that provide the preparation for entry into the education profession at the middle school or high school level.

The College of Education emphasizes the fact that there is no substitute for thorough preparation in the subject matter. Each specialized subject area teacher must complete a major as presented by the respective content area department. Accordingly, the science education major will participate in a variety of classes in biology, ecology, chemistry, human anatomy, physiology and physics as well as professional educational courses and seminars. Instruction in the science education major meets the State of Oklahoma specific requirements for certification in biology, chemistry, physics and general or physical science.

Students seeking licensure to teach at the secondary levels have two options: completion of the science education major, which leads to standard certification or completion of any other major in the biology, chemistry or engineering departments which can lead to alternative certification.


With a science education major careers are possible in:

  • Secondary teaching 7-12
  • Research
  • Training and development
Course Offerings
  • Introduction to Biology Lecture/Lab
  • Human Ecology Lecture/Lab
  • Methods in Biotechnology
  • General Chemistry Lecture/Lab
  • Human Anatomy Lecture/Lab
  • Human Physiology Lecture/Lab
  • General Physics Lecture/Lab
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Professional Education Classes


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Catherine Klehm, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry