Dr. David Dyson

Dr. David Dyson

Professor of Management and Chair of the Graduate School of Business

Weight-lifting, rose gardening and travel - that's what Dr. Dyson enjoys when he's not leading a class in ORU's College of Business. A lifelong weight-lifter, he enjoys keeping fit in the gym through cross training. Dr. Dyson's favorite roses are those that he's nurtured from cuttings into large floribunda blooms with bright color. Knock-out and Double Knock-out are two of his favorites.

Dr. Dyson has led a number of trips to countries around the world, including, but not limited to, Honduras, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Mexico, Colombia and India where he has traveled on three different occasions. Often his wife Linda or daughter Laurel will travel with him on these trips. He loves to record the places he visits with his digital camera. By now, he has quite an impressive photo collection spanning five continents.

Dr. Dyson grew up in Houston and lived in the same house from the age of four months until he was 20 years old. He started college at Rice University but finished up at ORU where he also earned his MBA. It was while he was still in Houston that he met his future wife's parents. He fell in love with them before meeting her. Following college, he taught school before returning to ORU and ultimately becoming a member of the faculty. He earned his Ph.D. from Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas in 1988. Dr. Dyson served as Dean of the ORU College of Business for nine years from 1996 - 2004.

More than anything else, Dr. Dyson appreciates the people - professors and students - of ORU and the university's global perspective. "I get up each morning knowing we have an opportunity to change the world through our students and the places they will live. It is a true blessing to teach in an environment with a global vision and reach."

Ph.D., University of Arkansas
M.B.A., Oral Roberts University
B.A., Oral Roberts University

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