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April 8, 2011   3:30 pm

You have worked hard to get where you are and have established an excellent academic foundation. The Honors Program transcends both the rigor and scope of the general curriculum and integrates the ethical responsibilities of using God’s intellectual gifts for the healing of humanity with the concept of the “whole person” education. While you are here, we want to encourage you to be servant-leaders both on and off campus. When you graduate, you’ll have special honors designations on your transcript that could be important for graduate school applications or give you the competitive edge in the job market.


Special courses are available for Fellows which combine two different disciplines. Click here for a list of those classes.

Different departments/schools may also have special requirements for honor students. Click here for a list of those classes requirements.

Honors Committee

Director, John Korstad, Professor of Biology, 918.495.6942
Director, Kay Meyers, Professor of English, 918.495.6756
Cal Easterling, Dean of Assessment, 918.495.6538
Debbie George, Director of Communications, 918.495.6604
Gweth Holzmann, Assistant Professor in the Online Learning, 918.495.6466
Andrew Lang, Professor of Mathematics, 918.495.6692
Nathan Opp, Assistant Professor of Art, 918.495.6212
Debra Sowell, Vice President of Academic Affairs, 918.495.6703