Dr. Marcia P. Livingston

Dr. Marcia P. Livingston

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Department, College of Education

Some teachers leave marks in their students' lives that affect their future, goals and dreams. Dr. Marcia Livingston strives to be one of these teachers. Her educational and teaching background is extremely diverse, which allows her to relate to many students.

This is especially helpful since Livingston's special interest is found in TESL, Teaching English as a Second Language. Here at ORU, Livingston serves as the TESL coordinator and assistant professor in the Undergraduate School of Education.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Livingston completed her bachelor's degree in Spanish at the University of the West Indies, and then received her MBA from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. She recently received her Doctor of Education degree from ORU.

Livingston, one of 12 children, taught kindergarten through high school in Jamaica for 10 years, where she describes the educational system as "British," meaning that teachers have to be experienced in teaching all subjects not just one in particular. After teaching in Jamaica, she moved to the Bahamas where she taught K-12 again for six years as well as teaching college business courses ranging from math to Spanish to accounting. Following these experiences, Livingston moved to Florida and worked with the Hispanic adult population in the federally-funded "Welfare to Work" program. She then moved on to become the Director of the Undergraduate School of Business at Florida Metropolitan University for six years. She worked on her doctorate degree at ORU while teaching at FMU.

After moving to Oklahoma, Livingston taught TESL classes at Victory Bible Institute. In addition to working at ORU, Livingston also teaches online business and critical thinking classes for Phoenix University. Her well-rounded background helps her to teach others in a better spectrum, especially considering the foreign languages she teaches. Laughing, Livingston says, "I am convinced that God doesn't waste any experience!"

Although teaching is her real passion, she is also involved in her local church as a deacon and in the intercessory ministry. She likes musical prayer and exercising. Her favorite thing to do with her students here at ORU is to have them over at her house and fellowship. Mentorship and discipleship are high on her priority list, as well as giving back to her high school in Jamaica. She teaches professional development training classes with the faculty at her old high school.

Ph.D., Oral Roberts University
M.B.A., Nova Southeastern University
B.A., University of the West Indies

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